A Parisian brand, a refine design, Pierre B. democratizes the mixed watch. This jewel is a unique and good quality accessory entirely handmade in Paris. We fall in love for theses magnificent watches which remember Paris: both simple and luxurious, with simplicity and beauty. A Pierre B. watch will enhance your day outfit, whether casual or dressed. Play with the different interchangeable Pierre B. bracelets and adapt them to your mood of the day.

Handmade Watches in Paris

Watchmakers, we want to share our passion with you. Young Parisians with endless ideas, we want to transmit our taste of luxury and design through our Pierre B. watches. Our taste for Paris and its beautiful things, our taste for the contradictions of this capital that make it unique, our taste for luxury and design have pushed us to create Pierre B. This jewel which reflect Paris, capital of fashion, becomes an essential and refined object for our wardrobe.
Pierre B. watches are made in our workshop located in Paris, at the height of action, at the height of their inspiration. More than a jewel, a whole lifestyle, these watches are designed with quality materials reflecting the Parisian spirit. We propose bracelets in suede in different colors (blue, camel or black). You can change it yourselves thanks to a flash pump system.